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Construction is rejuvenated with ventilated facades

Ventilated Facades

Based on the best rainscreen cladding technology, Hunter Douglas bring you ventilated facades which have open joints allowing easy air circulation and distribution. The system’s open joints allow natural ventilation in the cavity between the panel and the insulation.

Through these cavities, integrated drainage channels allow for rain or moisture to be hidden from the surface. Our range of colours, shapes and details offer unparalleled creative possibilities and can be applied to our linear, multiple panel and registered QuatroClad facades.

From high-rise structures to single-storey buildings, our facades provide a robust exterior solution that is fully resistant to high winds and harsher climates. With our ventilated façades, there is no need to settle. Rarely does a product so perfectly blend function and form. Our façades improve a building’s comfort level while offering the architect or designer a multitude of design options!

Ventilated Facades – Hunter Douglas UK

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