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Silent sunscreen used in Passiv Haus Project

silent sunscreen

A new low- maintenance and sound-absorbing exterior retractable sunscreen is available to architects, following the introduction of Hunter Dougas’s unique new product. ProScreen is Hunter Douglas’s latest innovation, combining high quality protection from sun glare with a patented noise reduction insert to provide a unique sunscreen system with unparalleled sound absorbing properties. The ProScreens have proved a huge success on a major Passive Haus project in Brussels with A2M architects commissioning 206 of the unique sound absorbing units for its Anvers Simons FrontiSpice scheme. The serge fabric blinds contributed to the project’s overall modern finish, which spanned renovation work, nursery and apartment building construction and the expansion of Heliport School.

Product developer at Hunter Douglas, Tom Garmyn, explained: ““This is a unique guiding system with a spring that counteracts movement, caused, for example, by wind or rolling up the blind. Thanks to the patented system, these noises are completely absorbed.” Saving not only your ears but also your money, the low noise fabric guiding system is also significantly cheaper than existing alternatives. Saving money as well as your ears. “The innovations with the creation of ProScreen mean that there are myriad advantages for any installer and architect,” added Tom. Architects who require flat, smooth surfaces are in luck because the ProScreen can be mounted to the façade as an integrated whole. It blends effortlessly with the exterior wall surface, resulting in an optically flat and smooth façade for optimum aesthetics.

Hunter Douglas’s retractable sunscreen can be built into a recess using two-part rails, which also seal the cavity laterally. They are also easy to assemble and maintain due to the modular design and the service cover. Hunter Douglas can also provide Pro Screens as a built in system with easy access from the underside, allowing installation within recesses. Cost effective and innovative, the secret to the patented ProScreen guiding system is that it is attached to the bottom rail, minimising all potential rattling. An optimum working and living environment is created through a level of sun protection stretching up to 75% and reducing heat entry up to 85%, preventing glare and reducing cooling costs. ProScreen is available in three unit sizes with six side rails and can be integrated into any architectural design, including mounting behind the façade.

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