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Bespoke design adds elegance to folding shutters on Mediterranean

Folding Shutters

We have implemented Motorised folding shutters for luxurious private villas on the Mediterranean Sea front, providing both functional glare reduction and an impressive modern design. The renowned architect Ilan Pivko designed the villas situated on the cliff tops in Harsuf, near Tel Aviv. The contemporary design is commended by the motorised folding shutters which have been created to give the illusion of falling leaves. The be in keeping with the sleek design of the building the motorised folding shutters would have to create a curved façade, that covered the runners from view. But still functional with the ability to close at a 180 degrees angle, this aspect proved to be the most challenging aspect for Hunter Douglas. The folding shutters were constructed from an aluminium frame and then covered with sheets of the same material. These were painted white ensuring perfect control over the amount of heat and light. Salko Kapetanovic from Hunter Douglas commented on this aspect of the design “The perforations filter the sunlight, so you can still see outside when the shutters are closed, but it also helps to reduce the heat coming into the room,” Aluminum elements can be powered coat in polyester or anodised with three colour ranges available: standard RAL colours, metallic RAL colours and pearl RAL colours, also NCS and Pantone are possible. 12 unique perforation panels were created, once these panels joined with the face of the villas it created non-uniformity among the range of panels. The lobby building has also been finished in the same white powered coated aluminium. Resulting in a modern, clean façade that seamlessly joined the pools on one side and the met the Mediterranean Sea on the other.

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