Northbrook College specify solid wood grill ceiling

wood grill ceiling

Hunter Douglas has transformed the West Sussex College with a large-scale development project implementing one of their stunning solid wood grill ceiling systems.

The Northbrook College saw £2.2 million worth of work. This included an extension along with refurbishment work on the construction trades, engineering workshops and classrooms. ECE Architecture who made the decision to deploy the solid timber grill ceiling for the common areas and receptions completed the design work for the College.

The College had already seen two previous development stages, which saw 300m2 of ceiling provided by Hunter Douglas. This third stage required an additional 300m2 of African Ayous solid wood grill ceiling in 4-90-15-45 module, this was stained to look like European Oak.

The ceiling created a suspended effect that allowed access into the void above, this was achieved through a construction of black aluminum dowels clipped into a black grid system. The design for this ceiling was versatile enough that the architect was able select the thickness and depth of the timber, along side the spacing between each slat. Which enable maximum technical performance coupled with stunning aesthetics.

African Ayous was selected as the material due to its hardwearing nature, and beautiful grain, which can be stained, to achieve and look desired. This timber is also a cost effect replacement for more expensive materials such as Oak, allowing stunning visuals on a budget.

“The original specification was for oak, but that is a very expensive option and because the budget was unable to stretch to that, we were able to undertake a value engineering exercise and recommend the use of African Ayous,” he said.

“It looks and feels like oak, which means that the client has achieved the desired look without having to compromise on quality. The system design also allows for easy access to services, such as the air conditioning units.”

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