What you need to know about acoustics and ceilings.


The acoustic comfort in an office space, school, or public building contributes to our well-being as poor acoustic performance can affect health, communication, safety, productivity, and learning. This is why acoustic ceilings are becoming ever more popular in all types of spaces. You’ll find acoustic tile ceilings in businesses, commercial buildings, and schools. As well as looking great, acoustic ceilings also dampen ambient noise.

What part do ceilings play in acoustics?

Ceiling height is extremely important as poor acoustics can be caused by the sound having to travel further in the air due to the ceiling height. Sound gets trapped in the dead space above your head causing the sound to have reverberation times and makes it longer for the sound to become unheard. Also, acoustics that reflects off hard surfaces have a prolonged reverberation time meaning they will be heard for much longer so ceiling material is also a major factor.

What are acoustic ceilings?

Acoustic ceilings are usually suspended ceiling systems, where carriers are hung from the room’s actual ceiling and individual panels of sound-absorbing material are dropped into the sections. Additional benefits of this type of ceiling are the ability to hide heating and cooling ducts or unsightly wires and pipes.

Ceiling tiles come in many different textures and designs. Many people thinking about acoustic ceiling tiles think of the cheaper mineral fiber tiles which have historically been used to aid in noise reduction. Modern acoustic ceilings however can be true architectural features. Metal, wood, and even textiles like felt can be used to create beautiful creations with great acoustic performance.

Hunter Douglas high-performance acoustic ceiling products are ideal, they deliver outstanding acoustic performance and comfort, whilst creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. The Hunter Douglas range of interior metal ceilings includes a variety of different performance levels. Perforated panels offer enhanced acoustics which can be substantially improved with the addition of special acoustic pads.

Benefits of our acoustic ceilings

  • Enhances the overall quality of sound
  • Can contribute to the well being of occupants of that space
  • Design flexibility
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • An array of material options are now available.

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