Boost your understanding of wood ceilings and wall systems with Hunter Douglas’s CPD

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Hunter Douglas, the global architectural products company, has launched a new CPD (continued professional development) seminar, focusing on wood ceilings and wall systems.

Approved by RIBA, the 45-minute seminar, Why Wood? Advantages of Timber Ceilings & Walls, is an interactive presentation that covers a host of project-specific solutions, including service integration and exterior applications.

Among the subjects covered are: solid and veneer wood systems as part of the sustainability agenda in the workplace; how a real or veneer wood system can have a positive impact on the environment; and how wood keeps CO2 out of the atmosphere and contributes to a healthy indoor climate.

Acoustic properties, fire ratings of the different systems, energy-saving performance and maintenance are also discussed as part of the seminar.

David Harris, general manager of Hunter Douglas UK, said this CPD supersedes its previous seminar and now includes its veneered product range.

“With many architects and designers focusing on sustainability like never before, it is an opportune time to launch a new CPD about wood ceilings and wall systems,” he said.


“Using wood is an environmentally friendly choice, thanks to its long life cycle and durability. It is also Cradle to Cradle Certified silver, which means it meets certain stringent standards for manufacture and environmental controls.

“The sheer versatility of solid wood or veneer enables any architect to create an unrivalled range of finishes, and we want designers to learn more about how they can use this material, even when working to a tight budget.”

He said while the CPD seminar is better conducted in person – at the client’s office – it is also possible to arrange a webinar.

Hunter Douglas interior wood ceilings offer an unrivalled range of finishes and natural tones that promise to make any project stand out. Focusing on quality throughout the production process, it delivers a superior and durable product, which translates into lower costs during the life cycle of the product.3

The range includes grill, linear, tiles, the Combi-line and PareauLux climate ceiling, while the veneered systems are available in more than 40 finishes.

Standard panels are treated with a transparent lacquer, but it is also possible to apply special varnishes, staining or paint finishes dependent on the project requirements. These include treatments for high humidity environments, such as swimming pools.

Hunter Douglas wood ceiling and wall systems are designed to meet the reaction to fire classification (EN13501-1) achieving at least B-s2,d0 and also offer superior acoustic performance possible without degrading the overall aesthetics.

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