What makes stretch ceilings so appealing?

Hunter Douglas Stretch Ceiling

Our comprehensive selection of stretch ceilings allows architects to explore designs with a variety of materials including metal, textiles and wood. We offer true freedom of design with an unmatched range of colours, systems and finishes from a single source.

Our ceilings offer flexible design, excellent functionality and comfort with customizable and versatile ceilings for offices, hospitals, restaurants, and more!

Our Stretch Ceilings are available in different installation concepts. Stretch metal tiles and planks are the easiest solution for ongoing maintenance. With our Luxalon® Stretch Ceilings we aim to give every customer complete architectural freedom. A vast range of materials can be used with a growing range of colours and finishes so we can design and install you a truly bespoke commercial stretch ceiling.

Stretch Ceilings – Hunter Douglas UK

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