Acoustic Ceiling Tiles with a reputation for style

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles from Hunter Douglas

For more than 40 years, the architecture and design community has specified contract products from Hunter Douglas, the world leader in ceilings, window coverings and a major manufacturer of architectural products. Hunter Douglas acoustic ceiling tiles create a beautiful and organic element to fit in a variety of applications from commercial ceilings, to hotel ceilings, restaurant ceilings, lecture halls, and more. Acoustic ceiling panels feature durable construction; solid wood for our linear systems and a choice of many veneers as well as a selection of acoustical and decorative perforations for our ceiling tile range. Wood panels are the ideal choice when designing ceilings and walls with a natural look. Hunter Douglas supply a range of classic, modern, prestige, system, Standard, Trend, SoundTube and TopLine tile designs to accommodate for different finishes. The design flexibility, outstanding acoustical performance, fire retardant properties and heat insulation creates enhanced interior comfort with a distinctive ambience for the building and occupants.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles from Hunter Douglas UK

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