We deliver aluminium ceiling panels for ICC, The Hague

aluminium ceiling panels

Hunter Douglas contributed in the construction of the new €204 million International Criminal Court (ICC) by providing 29,000m2 of aluminium ceiling panels. The complex spanning 56,000m2 was designed by Bjarne Hamm, a renowned architects in Denmark’s agency Schmidt, Hammer, Lassen Architects, had to convey the spirit of democratic architecture- something that Hunter Douglas ceilings clearly reflect. “The ceiling connects spaces and creates a sense of sameness throughout the building,” explains Hammer, “because the same ceiling is suspended everywhere: where the suspects’ reside, where the lawyers work and in the office spaces.” Hunter Douglas was instructed to manufacture slim aluminium ceiling panels, inlaid with acoustic mats and perforated. These were chosen for practical reasons because it enables the covering of fire safety and air quality installations to be concealed. The ceiling installation was also modified so that rooms could be partitioned easily, as well as the sustainable excellence of aluminum was another contributing factor for choosing the Hunter Douglas panels. Due to the ICC’s office will be lit continuously the LED-lighting, 100,000 LED lamps have been incorporated in the perforated panels, maintaining the ceiling’s clean look.

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