Bring style outdoors with our exterior ceilings.

Exterior Ceilings

Why keep your vision locked inside? 

Bring style outdoors with our exterior ceilings. Created specifically to withstand extreme weather conditions, a Hunter Douglas exterior metal ceiling boasts extreme strength and durability all year round. Our exterior ceilings are specially developed with the same aesthetic appearance as interior ceilings and a wide range of systems provides the architect with a high degree of design options.


Linear Closed Ceilings are created using panels of either the same width or by varying the sizes to create a smooth and uninterrupted design. This smooth appearance is achieved using a beveled edge on the ceiling panels. It is this beveled edge that distinguishes linear closed ceilings from other Hunter Douglas products.

Exterior Linear Closed Ceilings create a smooth and uninterrupted closed appearance. They are ideal for environments where the designer is looking to achieve a minimal, yet sleek look. A wide range of designs and dimensional effects can be achieved by combining different panel widths and lengths.

At Hunter Douglas we believe in design flexibility, hence our extended portfolio of exterior metal ceiling variations. Our range includes linear closed, linear open, and open and wide panel ceilings, all of which can be created using a range of configurations. Let your imagination run wild with the Hunter Douglas range.


Be inspired by our project gallery with exterior metal ceilings or contact us today for more information.



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