Exterior Ceilings from Hunter Douglas give you that feeling

Exterior Ceilings

With a wide range of architectural fabrications available, why keep the beauty of your ceiling inside?

When you can dazzle the world with a range of beautiful exterior ceilings from Hunter Douglas. These panels are attached to rigidly suspended carriers and engineered to withstand even the most severe conditions. Exterior ceilings are specially developed with the same artistic look as interior ceilings, which allows for a wide range of design possibilities and a wider range of potential applications.

Quite regularly some other Hunter Douglas’ products can be used to improve the aspect of our exterior ceilings. QuadroClad™ Panels are developed as a façade application but is also suitable for exterior ceilings. This is particularly when extremely large panel sizes are desired or possibly if façade and exterior ceiling should almost be one and form a consistent aspect across the whole building.

Exterior Ceilings give you that feeling

In today’s climate the demands for sustainable expansion has amplified in precedence around the globe. Environmental and ecological factors have already equalled the priority in influencing new products and process development. As manufacturer of building products, Hunter Douglas has environmental factors to consider, such as materials, production methods, life cycle waste management and energy balances and life-cycles. Our external ceilings meet the growing demands across the world for more sustainable developments. For more information visit our website or call today!

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