Metal ceiling tiles. Why you should use them in your next project.

metal ceilings

What are metal ceilings?

Metal ceiling tiles and planks are more commonly manufactured from steel creating an economical way to add metal ceilings to a project. They offer a classic design with endless possibilities and are the perfect choice for a ceiling where regular access to the plenum may be required. They come in a variety of standard sizes but can also be made to order. These systems offer complete adaptability, which allows easy repositioning of tiles, services and lighting.



Metal Planks are a versatile design material that allows architects to create a striking visual effect with their interior metal ceiling design. The wide choice of patterns, shapes, materials and colours can give each project a unique appearance.


  • Installation as Lay-On planks, in C-grid or Hook-on system
  • Virtually unlimited choice in shapes and finishes offering versatility in ceiling design
  • Plank dimensions up to 1050mm in width and 2400mm in length
  • Strong acoustic performance when combined with acoustic pads
  • Easy access to the plenum and installations above the ceiling
  • An impact-resistant version is available for sport hall applications



Classic design combined with infinite possibilities. Lay-In/Lay-On metal ceilings tiles offer classic ceiling solutions, featuring different sizes and edge options, and compatibility with standard features. This is a simple and economical way to add metal ceilings to a project.


  • Lay-In & Lay-on Tiles are designed to be installed in conventional T-Grid systems
  • Tiles are standard available in steel (0.5mm), other materials are available on request
  • Ideal for situations where regular access is required
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance of the tiles
  • Optimal acoustic control by using perforated panels with an acoustical inlay bonded to the inside of the panels
  • Full adaptability of the system allowing easy repositioning of tiles, services and lighting


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