Suspended Ceilings

tile & plank ceilings

A suspended ceiling is hung from the main structural ceiling. Often used to conceal mechanical and electrical services within the ceiling void, a suspended ceiling can be found in commercial buildings, office blocks, schools and hospitals.

Suspended ceilings offer many benefits including a low life cycle cost and an extra margin of fire safety. They also allow you to easily integrate light within the ceiling. In addition using a suspended ceiling with acoustic absorbing properties reduces the reverberation time, improving the comfort of the room.

Sixty years ago, Hunter Douglas pioneered suspended metal ceilings. Today the ceiling range includes a dynamic selection of suspended metal ceilings in aluminium, steel, stretch metal, wood and veneered wood finishes. They are available in linear, wide panel, open cell, baffle, curved and tile configurations.

Fire protection in metal suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings are designed to give a period of fire resistance, but in order to confirm this period of resistance, a fire test certificate is required. In official fire tests at Efectis, Bleiswijk and CSI, Bollate, Milan (both independent fire research institutes), all Hunter Douglas metal ceiling systems earned a high reaction to fire classification according to EN 13501-1.

Acoustic properties

The acoustic comfort in an office space, school or public building contributes to our well-being. A poor acoustic performance can affect health, communication, safety and productivity. The Hunter Douglas range of suspended metal ceilings includes a variety of different acoustic performance levels. Perforated panels offer enhanced acoustics, which can be substantially improved with the addition of special acoustic pads.

Design possibilities

Hunter Douglas design and manufacturing expertise provides architects and designers with the flexibility of unlimited design possibilities. Suspended ceiling options include linear, tiled, open and closed cell systems all of which can be specified in a range of shapes and curves.

Take a look at the ceilings section of our website for more information on the different products on offer.

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