Suspended metal ceilings. What you should know.

aluminium ceiling panels

Hunter Douglas Architectural were one of the pioneers of suspended metal ceilings and as such are a recognised authority in the research and development of Interior metal ceilings. The result is a comprehensive portfolio of aluminium, steel and stretch metal systems. The range incorporates linear, baffle, wide panel, open cell, curved and tile options.

Both standard and bespoke carrier systems are available giving the designer greater flexibility and allows for a more creative approach to filling the ceiling void.Panels and tiles can be laid, clipped or hooked on to the carrier system with a swing down version available where ease of access to the plenum is important.

As with many large open internal spaces acoustic performance is paramount in maintaining good sound absorption. Commercial office space, schools, gymnasiums, swimming pools, shopping malls and transport hubs all need to create a comfortable environment for their staff, pupils, visitors and travelling public.

This is where Hunter Douglas Architectural excels helping architects and designers realise their design ambitions whilst delivering a ceiling system that delivers on performance and is ultimately fit for purpose.

​​Hunter Douglas is dedicated to supplying ceilings that are sustainable, durable and suitable for exterior and interior applications. We like to think outside of the box, be creative and develop an understanding with our customers. We have invested heavily in research & development with a real focus on ceiling innovation. Our latest co-invention is the HeartFelt® linear felt ceiling, which has won a red dot award for best of the best of the year in 2017.

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